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Samsung Galaxy A320 Pink

Rp 1,699,000

High Performance Camera

Ketersediaan: Stok 1

Beli sekarang dan dapatkan 1699 Poin cashback senilai Rp 1,699!

Defense-grade Security with Knox 2.7

Samsung Knox 2.7 provides defense-grade security from the moment your device is powered on. Its multi-layered mobile security platform shields your business data from malicious threats real-time while its integrated work container* keeps business data secured.

Globally Certified Mobile Security Solution

Samsung Knox is the certified mobile security solution governments and major enterprises around the world trust to handle their confidential business data and safeguard their business operations.

Comprehensive Device Management

Simplify the way you manage your business with comprehensive MDM support. Knox Mobile Enrollment allows IT admins great control when configuring and managing devices in large volumes.

Water & Dust Resistant

Smart innovation to help maximize your workflow. Engineered with IP68* certification the Galaxy A3 (2017) is protected against water and dust so you can get on with your business regardless of whatever environment you are in.

Powered for Reliability

Powerful battery performance with USB Type-C connectivity keeps your business running without interruption during day-to-day operations.

Authorized Access for You Alone

Samsung Knox based fingerprint technology lets you access critical business data and log in to your online accounts swiftly and securely.

Innovative Design with Large Display

Intelligent design made from a durable blend of metal and glass. Its slim body grips well in the hand so you can conduct business more comfortably while its large Super AMOLED display delivers superior detail.

Increased Device Productivity

Keep productivity running at optimal levels. The Galaxy A3 (2017) features dual SIM performance so you can securely store and flexibly manage growing streams of business data up to 256GB.

High Performance Camera

The Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) is engineered with a powerful 13MP rear camera and advanced autofocus system to capture fast, clear photos with great accuracy and detail. From white board documents in low-lit conference rooms to barcodes in dark warehouse, you will get the image results you need

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